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Community Guidelines

Overview and Purpose

Welcome to the Veson Nautical Community!

The intent of our Community Guidelines is to establish professional standards that we will strive to follow and promote within our community. This document describes recommended communication and engagement styles to enable productive experiences for our community members and strengthen the open-minded collaborations that we all value.

We believe these guidelines will further strengthen the partnerships we value both amongst our teams and with our clients.

Building a Strong Community

Respect one another

Healthy communication helps with effective collaboration. Be professional and considerate in your conversations, keeping in mind your voice, tone and choice of words used.

You may express any disagreements by providing constructive feedback and/or any facts to drive your point across. Address a person the way you would like to be addressed. Refrain from using words or phrases that can be considered demeaning or offensive in nature.

Be open-minded

Often there are multiple ways to solve a problem. Be open to considering alternatives or making simple adjustments to existing processes; they may work better to suit your needs. Be patient and understanding when further clarification is needed to either understand a problem or another person’s perspective. This will go a long way to reaching a mutually-agreeable solution.

Be empathetic

Our community is comprised of people from diverse roles, cultures, experiences, and backgrounds. Being able to empathize with one another will ensure constructive collaboration as we work towards achieving common goals.

Be active/advocate

We are active bystanders, and we commit to do the work that creates a diverse, inclusive, empathetic culture that rejects harmful or discriminatory behavior that is anathema to our community guidelines. We make a conscious choice to respond to the needs of community members who are impacted by such behavior, and openly challenge those who engage in it. We look for opportunities to make positive impacts both inside and outside of our workplaces, and ensure that community members at all levels feel valued, respected, and empowered to perform at their best.

Conflict Management

Community members are dedicated to implementing solutions for a variety of business requirements within what are often complex social landscapes. While doing so, we aim to employ the highest level of professionalism and respect for each other. If, however, a community member experiences any behavior or content that is harmful and/or discriminatory, they should escalate their concerns via any available method of communication to the Account Manager or a senior Veson Nautical representative.

When a community member reports experiencing harmful or discriminatory behavior or content, there are a number of actions that may be taken by Veson Nautical to provide resolution. Veson Nautical will investigate and resolve each case according to the facts, context, and severity of the specific circumstances, and with guidance from our Community Guidelines.

Actions Veson Nautical may take in response to a reported incident of harmful or discriminatory behavior or content include, but are not limited to:

  • Blocking or Removal of Harmful Content

  • Restructured Communication/Engagement

  • Mediated Resolution Discussion(s)

  • Project Team Restructuring

  • Escalation with Client Executive Stakeholder(s)

  • Retraining on Best Practices


Please provide Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings within your support tickets.

We welcome all feedback. Use the CSAT option to let us know how we can better collaborate and work together. Share any experience – what went well or what did not go so well, providing any tips you feel can help.

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