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IMOS - Access Keys

For those who prefer to navigate using the keyboard, IMOS provides Access Keys.

  1. To display the Access Keys, press the Alt key on your keyboard and release it.
  2. Letter Access Keys appear for the menu and for each module center, number keys for each toolbar button. Press the letter or number for the action you want.

Key Command


Alt then I

Open the IMOS7 menu.

Alt then R

Open the Trading module center


Alt then C

Open the Chartering module center


Alt then O

Open the Operations module center


Alt then M

Open the Demurrage and Claims module center


Alt then N

Open the Financials module center


Alt then D

Open the Data Center


Alt then V

Open the Veslink module center


Alt then #
Examples: Alt then 1, Alt then 4

Activate a button on a form toolbar.


When the Access Keys appear, focus is set to the tabs. Use the following commands to navigate around the tabs:

Key Command


Left or Right Arrow Key

Navigate to the previous or next open tab.

Ctrl + Tab

Navigate to the next open tab.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Navigate to the previous open tab.

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