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IMOS - Activating Vessels for Use in Veslink

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Vessels to be used in Veslink must be activated.

To activate a vessel, use one of these methods:

  • Enable configuration flag CFGAutoActivateVeslinkVessels to automatically activate any vessel when it is scheduled in a voyage.
  • On the Veslink Vessel List, select the check box to the left of each vessel you want to use in Veslink and click the Activate link at the top of the list. The Veslink Status of the vessel changes to Active.

To mark a vessel Inactive, select its check box on the Veslink Vessel List and click the Deactivate link at the top of the listThe Veslink Status of the vessel changes to Inactive.

Related Configuration Flags
Auto Activate Veslink Vessels

When enabled, this will auto-activate any vessel for Veslink Voyage Reporting when the vessel is scheduled in a voyage.

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