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IMOS - Audit Trail

Note: Configuration flag CFGDBEnableAuditing must be enabled, and you must have the Audit Trail Module Right selected, under Quick Links in the Data Center. The Audit Trail cannot be accessed by VIP users. Veson Nautical credentialed users must log into the server and database where the VIP client is hosted.

Tutorial: Audit Trail

About the Audit Trail

The Audit Trail is a history of the actions related to every transaction in IMOS. Creating or saving a form is a transaction, and each transaction has an Audit ID. Inserting, updating, or deleting a value in a field on that form is a separate action in that transaction, and each action appears on a separate line.

The Audit Trail also includes details of Cargo and VC In records imported via the Messaging Service.

To view the Audit Trail, do one of the following:

  • In the Data Center
    , under Quick Links, click Audit Trail.
  • On the IMOS menu, hover over Lists and then click Audit Trail.

For more information on lists, see Lists and the Lists tutorial.

Related Configuration Flags
DB Enable Auditing
Enables auditing of changes made in IMOS, reported in the Data Center Audit Trail list.
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