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IMOS - Bunker Management

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About the Bunker Management Module

The Bunker Management module adds support for a centralized department for bunker procurement. Workflow between voyage Operators, vessels (via Veslink forms), and the Bunker Department is managed electronically, ensuring rapid response times, and procurement details are tracked in a centralized database for accurate reporting and analysis of performance.

If you have the Operations module but have not purchased the separate Bunker Management module, you can still manage bunker planning, lifting, and invoicing data in the Voyage Manager. For more information, see Voyage Bunkers.

Using the lists and reports provided by Bunker Management, you can:

To access Bunker Management, in the Operations module center

, under Bunkers, click a form or list name.


You can do any of the following using the Bunker Management module:

Other Sources of Information

In the Operations module center, the Bunkers section also provides access to the following market information, described under Trading in the Knowledge Base:

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