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IMOS - Chart of Accounts

 This is a Key Topic, with high value for all users.

The Chart of Accounts stores your company's relevant General Ledger data. All companies set up in IMOS share the account codes entered in the Chart of Accounts.

In the Financials module center

, under Setup, click Chart of Accounts.

To create a new account record:

  1. Insert or add a new row:

    • Right-click a row and then click Insert:

    • Scroll to the bottom of the grid and then click Click here to add a row:

  2. Enter the information for the account:

    1. Code: Financial account

    2. Account Name: Description of the financial account

    3. Category: Type of financial account

    4. Subcategory: Subaccount that will be used in certain financial reports

    5. Account Group (when configuration flag CFGAccountGroups is enabled)

  3. If configuration flag CFGActEnableGLValidation is enabled, to require certain fields at the transaction level, select check boxes for:

    • LOB: Line of business

    • Ves: Vessel

    • Voy: Voyage number

    • Port

    • Dept: Department

    • IC: Intercompany account

  4. If configuration flag CFGPoolCommByAccount is enabled, Pooling Management Fee and owner's commission calculation will be based on the amount in the accounts with Mgt selected.

  5. Save the form.

Related Configuration Flags



Account Groups

When enabled, users will be able to run and post accruals per, report on, and filter various lists by Account Groups.

Enable GL Validation

Have any selected Chart of Accounts check boxes (LOB, Ves, Voy, Port, Dept, and IC) be required fields for posting from the Transaction Data Entry form, where they appear as columns under Invoice Details.

Pool Comm by Account

When enabled, Pooling Management Fee and owner's commission calculation will be based on the amount in the accounts with Mgt selected in the Chart of Accounts.

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