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IMOS - Claim List

With the separate Demurrage and Claims module, you can access the Claim List. On the Claim List, you can view all or selected Claims.

In the Demurrage and Claims module center

, next to Claim, click List.

The Claim List is a standard IMOS list, so you can sort it, filter it, do a Quick Search, and create custom Views for it. You can use logical operations to filter particular columns in the list.

  • To create a new Claim, click 
  • To open a Claim, click its link in the Claim ID column.

For more information on lists, see Lists and the Lists tutorial.

Related Configuration Flags

When enabled, Demurrage Claims appear in the Claim List.


When enabled, Insurance Status and Submission Date appear as fields on the Claim form and columns in the Claim List.

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