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IMOS - Connecting to IMOSlive

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Veson Nautical provides two methods for connecting to IMOSlive. This page documents how to connect using both supported methods:

  • Connecting with the IMOSlive Client
  • Connecting with the IMOSlive Web Portal

Comparison of the IMOSlive Client & Web Portal

This section compares the two methods of connecting to IMOSlive. Each method has benefits as well as drawbacks.

  • Veson considers the IMOSlive Client to be the primary method.
  • The Web Portal is provided only for certain scenarios in which a user does not have access to their IMOSlive Client. Before selecting the Web Portal, be aware of its limitations:
FeatureIMOSlive ClientWeb Portal
Connect to IMOS Production
Connect to IMOS Training
Connect to IMOS TestX
Connect from the Office
Connect from HomeX
Launch ExcelX
Launch Email ClientX
Launch PDFX
Attach Files

Connecting With the IMOSlive Client

About the IMOSlive Client

The IMOSlive Client is a small application that an end user installs on their local computer to connect to their company's specific IMOSlive instance.

Before You Connect

Confirm that the IMOSlive Client is properly installed on your computer.

Connecting to IMOSlive

  1. Launch your IMOSlive Client on your local computer. (Try typing IMOSlive in your Windows Start Menu.)

    The IMOSlive Login page appears.

  2. Fill in your User Name as provided by Veson Nautical, prefaced with the IMOS\ domain.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Enter your IMOSlive Environment in the following format:
    • IMOSlivename is the name provided by Veson Nautical.
    • environment is the IMOS environment to connect to (e.g., prod, test, training).
  5. Click LoginIMOS opens.

Connecting With the IMOSlive Web Portal

About the IMOSlive Web Portal

The IMOSlive Web Portal is a backup connection feature. It is built on top of Microsoft RemoteApp Web Gateway technology and may sometimes be called RD Web. The Web Portal may or may not be necessary during your use of IMOSlive. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with Veson Nautical Support.

Before You Connect

  • Confirm that your computer has Internet Explorer version 10+.
  • Confirm that your Internet Explorer allows ActiveX content.

Connecting to IMOSlive

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to your IMOSlive Web Portal Address:
    • IMOSlivename: This is provided by your IMOS project manager.
    • rdweb: This is necessary to connect to the web port; if you omit rdweb you will receive a blank web page.
  2. If prompted to allow web access, click Allow.

  3. On the Login page, provide your user name, prefaced with the IMOS\ Domain, and your Password.
  4. Click Sign in.
  5. Click the IMOS icon
     for the environment to which you want to connect. IMOS launches immediately.
    Note: Your exact environment options and icons may differ from the illustration.
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