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IMOS - CP Consumption for Grouped Fuels

On the Fuel/Lube Types form, you can group High and Low Sulfur fuel types to be consumed for the same purpose. Having two fuel types (HS and LS) in the same group means that the vessel cannot burn both fuel types at the same time.

The following form defines two different fuel groups. In this example, IFO and LSF belong to a group; LSM and MDO belong to another group. Therefore, IFO cannot be consumed by the vessel at the same time as LSF is consumed. The same applies for LSM and MDO.

Grouped Fuel Consumption Example

In this example, the vessel has the following fuel consumption information entered on the Vessel form. The amount of bunkers to be consumed at sea for IFO or LSF is 45 MT/day.

When entering the bunker consumption in an Activity Report, the CP Consumption of IFO and LSF will always total 45 MT in a 24 hour period.

  • The consumption is distributed between IFO and LSF fuels, totaling 45 MT.

If the vessel consumption is higher than 45 MT in a 24 hour period, the extra amount will be prorated to calculate the CP Consumption for each fuel.

  • The sum of the CP Consumption of IFO and LSF is still 45 MT.
  • The Difference column shows the extra amount consumed of each fuel, based on the prorated CP Consumption.
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