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IMOS - Creating a Voyage Profit and Loss Summary Report in the Report Editor

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Note: To create, edit, and copy Report Editor reports, the Report Editor (Legacy) - Create/Edit Reports Module Right must be selected for you in Security.

In IMOS, there are a few Voyage P&L-related datasets, from which you can create reports to match your business needs. The main three datasets are:

  • Voyage P&L Summary
  • Voyage P&L Drilldown (Operations)
  • Voyage P&L Drilldown (Accounts)

This page focuses mainly on the Parameters section, which is exclusive to these datasets. For more information, see Report Editor and Creating a Simple Report

Voyage P&L-Related Parameters

This Parameters section in the Report Editor is relevant to the three datasets mentioned above.

  • Period From/To (GMT): These parameters are required to save the report settings and to run it later. IMOS calculates the portion of the voyage within that period and applies the relevant P&L calculations with that portion in the report output. You can also select <ask the user> to make these fields available to the user running the report.
  • Monthly Interval: To further break down the output to monthly intervals, select this check box. For a clearer output, with each line relevant to a specific month, we recommended that you add the Month column with this option.
  • Data Source: The default data source is Force Calculation, but you can also select Latest Snapshot or Latest Accrual Snapshot. With one of the Snapshot options,you must also specify the Latest Snapshot Type and the Latest Snapshot Date because a snapshot can be uniquely identified by its type and date. The information retrieved in the report will be based exclusively on the snapshot specified. This option is good, for example, when working with Financials reports, looking for information that is coming from a fixed point in time.
  • Take Snapshot and Take Snapshot Type: These options are good to use when creating a scheduled batch process that runs the report regularly, and a snapshot is taken for every run. We recommended that you only use these options for that purpose.
  • Apply Ballast Bonus to PeriodAdjust Portion for Off HireAdjust Portion for Waiting TimeApply TC Hire to PeriodApply Off Hire/Waiting to PeriodExclude Running Cost for Long Term TC/OV, and Apply Bunker Consumption to Period: Select these check boxes to change the calculation options.
  • Pool: To run the report only for a specific Pool, select it.

Differences Between the Datasets

Each of the datasets outputs its own type of records:

  • Voyage P&L Summary:
    • One line per voyage
    • Available columns: All the possible P&L items in their different levels
  • Voyage P&L Drilldown (Operations):
    • One line per P&L item
    • Available columns: Similar to the P&L tab, Operations view in the Voyage Manager, plus general data about the voyage (Vessel Name, Company, etc.)
  • Voyage P&L Drilldown (Accounts):
    • One line per P&L item
    • Available columns: Similar to the P&L tab, Accounts view in the Voyage Manager, plus general data about the voyage (Vessel Name, Company, etc.)

General Tips

  • When running a report on multiple records, we recommended that you group the results by Vessel Name and Voyage Number. This can be done in the Sorting/Groups section in the Report Editor.
  • You can add Aggregate Functions to the various columns, like Sum and Average. Aggregation is done for each group, in addition to being combined at the end of the report.
  • Select only the columns you need. This will decrease the noise level in the report output and enhance the performance when running.
  • For the Voyage P&L Drilldown datasets (Operations/Accounting), add a filter for columns Estimated, Actual, and/or Posted, using the operator does not equal and the value 0. All items can be displayed for all voyages, but usually only the non-zero items matter.
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