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IMOS - Creating New Environments in IMOS7

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Adding a new IMOS environment has changed in IMOS7. Rather than copying and renaming an environment folder, a new entry is added to imosEnv.xml.

  1. Create the database for the environment.
  2. Populate the database (either by restoring the base .bak file provided with the IMOS7 install files, or by copying an existing IMOS database using the Copy Database Wizard in SQL Studio).
  3. Edit imosEnv.xml to add an entry for the new environment: Copy an existing entry and edit the database name and connection string. Make sure you change the connection string to point to the correct database.
  4. You can also edit imosshell.exe.config to add the new environment to the sign-in page.
  5. Sign in to the environment and associate the database with the new environment if using the Messaging Service.

Enabling the Messaging Service 

Because the Messaging Service configuration is copied along with the database, IMOS7 contains protections to avoid unintentionally interfacing an environment with production systems.

IMOS automatically disables the Messaging Service when it detects that a database copy has occurred. When you sign in, the following warning appears:

To enable the Messaging Service:

  1. An IMOS administrator must select Associate With New Database on the IMOS7 menu.
  2. In the Data Center
    , click Messaging Service Configuration. On the General tab, select the Enabled check box.
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