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IMOS - Custom Column Example - Red Highlight for Next Dry Dock Within 30 Days

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When creating a Cargo Matching program, you can format columns and add color-coded Alerts to columns to highlight various issues. This example shows how to highlight the Vessel Name in red when the next Dry Dock date is within 30 days.

In Design Mode:

  1. See that Vessel Name is added as a column.
  2. Click Vessel Name in the Columns pane.
  3. In the Properties pane, enter the following in the Field Background field:

    IF(Vessel.VesselDetails.NextDryDock== null, "White", IF(TODAY()+30> Vessel.VesselDetails.NextDryDock, "Red", "White"))

  4. The Next Dry Dock field is in the Vessel Details table; to add it:
    1. In the Voyage table, click 
       next to Vessel Code.
      (Hovering over shows [Voyage]Vessel Code.)
    2. In the Vessel Code table, click 
       next to Vessel Code.
      (Hovering over shows [Vessel]Vessel Code.)
    3. Select Next Dry Dock as a column.
      (Hovering over shows [Vessel Details]NextDryDock.)

If the Next Dry Dock date is less than 30 days away, the background for that vessel in the Vessel Name column turns red.

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