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Getting Started with IMOS

View IMOS Documentation in the Help Center.

Updated to v7.11.17044

The Documentation Archive contains documentation for earlier versions of IMOS.

About IMOS

IMOS, the Integrated Maritime Operations System, is a modular system that can be configured to create complete solutions for commercial maritime organizations including dry bulk, tanker, LNG/LPG, chemical, container, and barge companies. IMOS drives the workflow, which facilitates more efficient communication throughout your organization. Our seamlessly connected modules enable teams to quickly view, analyze, and share vital cargo, voyage, and fleet information.

Did you know?

When an IMOS form has a Help button at the bottom right corner, click

to open the Knowledge Base page for that form.

Type Alt + D in the IMOS shell to move to the Search field.

Enter a search term for the Knowledge Base, a Vessel Name, or a Cargo ID.


Trading: Track and view physical and paper contracts and net exposure.

Chartering: Use analytical tools to make informed decisions and maximize profits; manage chartering contracts.

Cargo Matching: Collaborate, using worksheets and a drag-and-drop interface, to determine the best matches for vessel and cargo options.

Time Charters: Manage Time Charter contracts from delivery to redelivery.

Operations: Monitor vessel and fleet status, Voyage P&L, and voyage performance against initial estimates.

Bunker Management: Manage bunker procurement with accurate fleet-wide position analysis and market information.

Pooling: Track pooling activities, allocate profit and loss, and share pool reports.

Demurrage and Claims: Track and improve Claims performance and limit Demurrage exposure to loss.

Financials: Manage all financial transactions in IMOS and view reports.

Data Center: Manage data and security in IMOS.

Veslink: Collect, analyze, and distribute real-time vessel data in a configurable Web-based service that integrates with IMOS.

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