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IMOS - Extra Information for Report

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 This is a Key Topic, with high value for all users.

On the Extra Information for Report form, you can break down ship performance data, regarding ROBs and consumption, weather information, technical information, delay information, and constants.

For arrivals and departures, you can update bunker information on this form as well as in Port Activities, but after you enter ROBs here, you must continue to enter them here.

On the Activity Reports form, right-click the report line and then click Extra Information (Bunker/Technical/Weather/Remarks)This form has slight differences for LNG vessels (on right).

To see details for a Fuel Type, in the fuel grid at the top of the form, select its S radio button. Consumption breakdown details for the selected type appear below.


  • Average RPM = Total Revs (Revs Counter) divided by (Hours * 60)
  • Avg Steam Speed = Obs Dst divided by Act Hrs

Related Configuration Flags

Allow editing of the Logged Dist and Slippage (%) fields.


When enabled, the average speed is calculated using the total steaming hours instead of the time since the last report.


Enables the Shuttle Tanker Workflow and master data forms necessary for freight invoicing of time and bunkers for both the actual voyage and theoretical return legs, most commonly used by shuttle tankers.

Minimum Required Schema Version: 239

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