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In addition to the module centers, IMOS has a global menu through which you can access objects, lists, schedules, and tools. Click

. You can do any of the following:

  • Create New objects.
  • Open existing objects.
  • See a list of all the items you have Recently opened. Items that are still open are labeled, and you can click a closed item to reopen it.
  • See a list of all open Windows. You can then select a window and view it or dock it.
  • Select one of the IMOS Lists to view.
  • Access the Report List.
  • Select one of the IMOS Tools to use.
  • See information About Veson Nautical IMOS.
  • Access the Veson Nautical website.
  • Open the Welcome Tab.
  • Access this Knowledge Base Help.
  • Access your User Properties.
  • Log Out.
  • Exit.

Related Configuration Flags

Enables a link to external web help from the IMOS shell and adds a link to the Help menu.


The text for the label in the Help menu when CFGCustomHelpEnabled is set to Y.


The URL for the custom web help menu item when using CFGCustomHelpEnabled.

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