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IMOS - IMOSlive Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I move an existing IMOS application to IMOSlive?

Yes. After Veson provides a hosted environment for the client, we can migrate the client database onto the hosted database. If the client is using any third-party integrations or has custom builds or code, additional testing should be performed on the cloud.

What version of IMOS does IMOSlive run?

IMOSlive can be provisioned on any version starting with 7.3.

Do I need Professional Services to install or configure IMOSlive?

Professional Services engagement for installation is typically less for a hosted environment than for an on-premise installation. Professional Services engagements are still recommended for post-installation configuration.

How is an IMOS application provisioned? How long does it take?

When a client signs a licensing agreement for IMOSlive, we provision the environment for them. The environment setup time varies, based on the number of users that the client is going live with. Once an environment is set up, the client receives the URL and credentials to access their IMOS application via the Client Center.

Do I get a dedicated environment on IMOSlive, or am I sharing an environment with other clients?

Each client accesses their own dedicated IMOS environments and databases with IMOSlive. Each client's data is maintained separately, with industry-standard encryption.

How are upgrades managed?

Veson Nautical Support will work together with their assigned clients to ensure that upgrades happen in the least disruptive fashion possible. IMOSlive clients may choose to upgrade each version of IMOS, but must remain on one of the currently supported versions. As per our Technical Support process, Veson Nautical provides maintenance support to the two most current production-stable releases only.

If I move to a hosted model, do I need multiple hosted environments for test, development, and production?

We recommend maintaining one environment for the purposes of cost to the client and simplicity of deployment. Once an IMOS environment is provisioned for a client, any necessary configuration and testing can be performed on this system. Prior to production, we move the configurations to a new environment and database and hibernate the testing environment.

Clients that want to provision and manage multiple cloud environments or their own local environments for testing or training can also do so at an additional cost.

What is the security like?

We use industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. The IMOS application is behind a firewall, and the IMOS database is secure. For applications with a larger user set, the IMOS database is remote from the application and terminal server, so it cannot be directly accessed.

What is the downtime?  

IMOSlive is hosted on the hardware of third-party Infrastructure providers who adhere to industry-standard high availability SLAs (99.99% uptime). On average, we estimate about four hours of downtime per month for regularly scheduled updates, conducted during off-peak hours. During these updates, Veson may perform IMOS upgrades and/or any additional software/hardware updates.

How is the performance?

The performance of IMOSlive is designed to be highly scalable. However, if the client faces performance issues, we have the ability to enhance the hardware.

Can I still use Microsoft Office tools with IMOSlive?

Yes, you can. Starting with version 7.4, IMOSlive provides the ability to use Excel and other Microsoft Office tools from the client's desktop to interact with various IMOS application components. This is through the IMOSlive client that relays requests for Microsoft Office to the user's local instances of these applications.

Is IMOSlive web-based?

IMOSlive implements the full-featured version of IMOS. It is not a web-based or a SaaS application.

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