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IMOS - Item Select - Time Charter

You can add additional details to a Time Charter Payment or a Time Charter Bill.
  1. Click 
     to select line items to add to the payment or bill in the Item Select form.

    • The first payment/bill includes the Time Charter Hire for the first period. To adjust the amount of the Hire, use either the Additional TC Hire, which affects the P&L, or the Hire Adjustment, which does not.
    • To add miscellaneous line items, use either Voyage Expenses, which affect the P&L, or Miscellaneous Adjustments, which affect the Balance Sheet directly. For more details, see Time Charter Miscellaneous Adjustments.
    • If a Ballast Bonus payment is needed, the check box is highlighted in yellow.
    • The first payment/bill also includes the Cost On Delivery of bunkers; it might include Commissions and other costs. If the actual price of bunkers is different from the estimate, enter an Adjustment here. Bunker items that should be invoiced/reinvoiced are highlighted in yellow.
    • When configuration flag CFGAutoSetCleanItems is enabled, in the following cases, Hold Cleaning items (Intermediate HC/ILOHC) are automatically selected:
      • For a TCTO Voyage:
        • If Intermediate HC was added to a TCO Bill, Intermediate HC is selected on the Item Select form of the next TCI Payment.
        • If Intermediate HC was selected and set for a certain number of times in the TCO Bill, the same number is set in the TCI Payment.
        • If the voyage is not yet completed and is marked as Last TCI Voyage, any billing of ILOHC in the TCO Bill triggers automatic selecting of Intermediate HC in the TCI Payment.
      • For any TC Voyage (TCOV or TCTO), if a linked voyage is marked as the Last TCI Voyage and is in Completed status, the next TCI Payment will have ILOHC selected by default.
      • When adding ILOHC to a TCI Payment or TCO Bill, if a linked voyage is marked as Last TCI or Last TCO, that voyage number will be assigned to the ILOHC line on the invoice.
      • If ILOHC is set as a Lumpsum provisional entry, it appears on the P&L once it has been allocated to a voyage on a hire payment, unless it is the last TCI voyage (where it automatically shows).
      • If INTHC is set as a Lumpsum entry, it appears on the P&L once it has been allocated to a voyage on a hire payment.
      • If INTHC is set as a Lumpsum provisional entry, it appears on every voyage P&L estimate under that TC contract.
    • To set a Voyage/Misc expense as estimated and have it appear on the SoA Recap Report, create Operations Ledger code ESTEXP, select Misc Adjustments, and then select ESTEXP in the Subcode field on the ADJST line of the Time Charter Payment.
      • Once the actual expense is incurred, create a credit for the estimate (using ADJST/ESTEXP) and then create a new line for the actual expense.
  2. When you finish selecting, click OK; the line items appear on the payment or bill.

Voyage Rebillables Grid

Note: Only Rebill Exp and TCI Reb Exp Rev/Exp types in the Voyage Other Revenues and Expenses appear in the Voyage Rebillables grid.

The following are column definitions in the Voyage Rebillables grid:

  • T: Type of rebillable port expense. The type defaults to O.
  • S: Click to select/clear this column to include/exclude the voyage rebill in the TC invoice when Expenses Rebill is selected.
  • AdmFee: Select to include the Admin Fee for this rebillable item. If an item's Admin Fee is excluded from a normal invoice, it will still appear in an incremental invoice.
    • The rebill amount and Admin Fee (if any), are included in TC invoice.
    • The Admin Fee can be entered in the Time Charter contract in the Rebillable Admin Fee % field.

Item Select for Incremental Payments or Bills

To create an invoice with Payment Type Incremental, the Issue Date must be entered. IMOS will apply a credit to any invoices with Issue Dates before this one.

  • When the Time Charter status is Redelivered, the Include Redelivery Bunkers check box is selected by default. If no actual redelivery bunkers data is available, and you select this check box, the estimated redelivery bunkers data is used in the incremental invoice.

Outstanding Hire-Payment Adjustments Report

The Outstanding Hire-Payment Adjustments Report is available from the Operations module center.

Related Configuration Flags
Check Redel Bunker Vs Hire

Enables Alerts for partial bunker deductions, to make sure charterers can collect the value of redelivered bunkers.

  • On the Item Select form, the Bunkers On Redelivery items are only highlighted in yellow when the value of the contractual redelivery bunkers meets/exceeds the net hire left in the contract. The calculation of this date is based on the Period To value in the Time Charter invoice.
  • A validation warning is added to the voyage, which appears for Last TCI/TCO Voyages with end quantities that are different than the Estimated Redelivery quantities in the linked Time Charter contract.
  • Bunkers Cost on Redelivery line items (Quantity and Amount) are editable.
  • An Unpriced Bunkers informational check box appears on the Bunkers tab.
Auto Set Clean Items
When enabled, automatically sets cleanings for TC payment.
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