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IMOS - Laytime Terms

Laytime Terms describe when ports are open for loading and discharging.

In the Data Center 

, under Charter Party Terms, click Laytime Terms.

To add a new Laytime Term:

  1. Add a new row:
    • To add a line to the bottom, click in the last row.
    • To insert a line above another line, right-click it and then click Insert.
  2. Complete the fields.

  3. Save the form.

  4. Right-click the new Term and then click Subterms.

On the Subterms form:

  1. For each day, enter the times to be included in Laytime.
    The example above shows Sundays and holidays excluded, with these values:
    Monday through Saturday: From 0 To 2400
    Sunday: From 0 To 0
  2. Close the Subterms form and save the Laytime Terms form again.

In the Factor column:

  1. Hovering over this field will reveal the description: "A factor by which to multiply loading/discharging time to accommodate the port's open hours.
    The formula for calculating Factor is: Factor = Total Possible Laytime Hours ÷ Total Laytime Term Hours 
  2. Users will need to manually calculate and enter the Factor value accordingly.
    Example: Total Possible Laytime Hours for a week (7 Days) sums to 16800 (or simply 168 hours).
    A user creates a new Laytime Term where Saturdays and Sundays are excluded. Total Laytime Term Hours calculate as follows: 5 days * 24 hours in each day = 120 total hours
    Therefore, Factor would be calculated as follows: 168 Total Possible Laytime Hours ÷ 120 Total Laytime Term Hours = 1.4000
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