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IMOS - List Views

Each list has a Default view that you cannot change, but you can use the View Editor to create your own Views to suit your particular workflows, with different:

  • Columns and column order
  • Filtering
  • Sorting

For example, if you are an Operator, you can create a View for the Voyage List that shows only your voyages. In the View Editor, select the columns you need to see and arrange and sort them according to your needs. After saving the View, filter the Ops Coordinator column so it includes only your voyages and save the changes.

IMOS lists remember any changes made to a View, including column order, sort-by selections, active columns, etc., for each user, between sessions, regardless of whether the changes were saved. If you no longer want to keep your changes, you can Revert to the original saved version of the View.

Public and Private Views

Anyone who has access to a list can create, edit, and delete private Views.

 For public Views, you must have the Security Module Right Manage public list views (under Data Center Actions), and:

  • To create and edit: at least Read and Write Only rights to that list.
  • To delete: at least Read, Write, and Delete rights to that list.

In the View selection list, after the Default View, additional views are listed under the categories Public Views and Private Views.

Creating a View

You can create your own Views of lists you use in your workflows. To create a View:

  1. In the List, click the Edit link.
  2. In the View Editor, click Save As.
  3. In the Save View As box:
    1. Enter a View Name. You can also enter a Description.
    2. Select Private or Public (if you have the rights).
    3. Click OK
  4. In the View Editor, complete the Basic Information section.
    • To collapse a section, click -.
    • To expand a section, click +.
  5. To set up Columns:
    • To add columns:
      1. Select one or more fields from the Available Fields list.
        • To select consecutive fields, hold Shift.
        • To select nonconsecutive fields, hold Ctrl.
      2. Click
        . New fields appear at the end of the List Columns list.
    • To change the sequence of columns, select one or more in the List Columns list and click one of the buttons:
      , or
    • When a column is selected in the List Columns list, you can change its properties. You can enter a different Column Heading. For certain columns, like dates, you can enter a format for the string. And you can set the justification and the width of the column. To set it back to the default, click Reset.
    • To remove columns, select one or more in the List Columns list and click
      . The removed columns appear in the Available Fields list again.
  6. To set up Sorting, select a sort order and a column to sort by.
  7. When you finish editing your view, click OK. It appears in the View list.
  8. Filter columns in the list to include only those you want in your View. When you change the View, links appear next to the View list. To save the changes, either click Save Changes or click Save As and enter a new View Name, Description, and Security level.

Importing and Exporting List Views

To import and export user-defined (not default) List Views, click Export and Import links next to the name of the current View when there are no unsaved changes.

Note: If any changes have been made to the current view, click Revert to show the Export and Import links.

Tip: Include both the List name and the View name in the export file name.

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