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IMOS - Lists

Lists Tutorial

About Lists

IMOS makes many objects and transactions available to you on lists and summaries. You can open all the lists to which you have access from the IMOS7 menu. The Reports list is on the menu, and the rest are on the Lists submenu in alphabetical order within module groupings. You can also access the lists from the module centers.

On most IMOS lists, you can modify the contents and format of a list in the following ways:

Creating a Report

To create a report of the data displayed, do one of the following:

  • Click 
  • Right-click a column heading and click Show Report.

Importing and Exporting Data

 To import or export the data that is currently displayed, click 

 and then click one of the following:

  • Export Data to CSV
  • Export Data to XML

Some lists have additional options, such as importing and exporting configuration flags on the Configuration Flag List.

Filtering List Data

Filtering by Selecting

Some lists have filters at the top that you can select from: 

Click the filter and select a value: 


Date selection lists can include the following:

  • Relative times, such as This Week, From Last Week on, Last Quarter, etc.
  • Custom, where you can enter a custom date or date range: 
  • Use Fiscal Calendar check box (at the end of the list), to use the fiscal year.
  • Specific dates 
    , where you can either type a date or click the calendar and select a date.

Filtering with Logical Operations

Some lists have filters on the right, where you can use logical operations to filter particular columns in the list.

To open the filters, click 


To filter by a column, click its list button and select an operation. Then enter a value in the field.

To close the filters, click 


Using Quick Search

Similar to filtering, you can perform a Quick Search of items in a list, with a Search field in each column.


 and then click Quick Search.

Selecting Columns to Display

Select the columns you want to see in a list, so that those you do not need are out of the way.

  1. Right-click a column heading and click Select Columns.
  2. In Select Columns:
    • Select check boxes for the columns you want to see.
    • Clear any selected check boxes for columns you do not want to see.
  3. Click OK.

Rearranging Column Sequence and Width

  • Change the sequence of columns, so you can most easily see those you work with most, and you can still access those you need less frequently: Click a column heading and drag the column to where you want it.
  • Change the width of a column: Place your pointer at the right end of the column heading. When the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, drag it to move the split line.

Filtering Columns

Filter the columns to exclude the data you do not need to work with. The filter values for a column include the values that remain after other column filters have been applied.

Note: Quick Search must be disabled to do this.

  1. To filter a column, right-click its heading and click Filter Values.
  2. In the Column Filter:
    • Select check boxes for the values you want to see.
    • Clear any selected check boxes for values you do not want to see.
    • Select or clear the Select All check box to select all or none; you can then select or clear individual check boxes.
  3. Click OK.

Clearing Filters

  • To clear a filter, right-click the column heading and click Clear Filter.
  • To clear all filters, right-click any column heading and select Clear All Filters.

Sorting Columns

Sort columns, so that you can see the data in the sequence you need to work with. To sort a column:

  • In ascending order, either click the column heading or right-click and click Sort Ascending.
  • In descending order, either click the column heading again or right-click and click Sort Descending.
  • To sort using multiple columns, click the heading of the primary sort column, then hold down Shift and click the heading of the secondary sort column.

An arrow in the sorted column points in the direction of the sort.

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