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IMOS - Map

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For Cargo Matching, you can view your options on the Map.

To access the Map, you must have the Chartering Module Right Cargo Matching. Without the Cargo Matching right, you cannot use Find Best/Best Estimate List functions or access Estimate Worksheets.

In the Cargo Matching toolbar, click 

 and then click Map.

On the map:

  •  Green triangles represent vessels. Hover over a vessel to see its name.
  • Color-coded squares represent Cargoes. Hover over a Cargo to see its name.
    •  White = Confirmed
    •  Blue = Estimated
    •  Orange = Scheduled
  • To open a Best Estimate List for a Cargo, click it on the map.

Related Configuration Flags

This specifies the URL to be used for mapping functionality in Cargo Matching. When empty, the mapping functionality is disabled.


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