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IMOS - Payment Methods

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Configuration flag CFGBatchPaymentSupported enables Payment Batch options; you can work with Payment Batches from the Payables Summary list.

On Payment Methods, you can create custom payment methods for Payment Batches.

In the Financials module center

, under Setup, click Payment Methods.

Assigning a Payment to a Batch

A posted invoice can be assigned to a Payment Batch. Click the Payment Batch No. field label link to assign a Batch Number or view the Payment Batch.

Reversing a Transaction

To reverse a transaction:

  1. If there is a payment against the invoice, cancel it before reversing the transaction.
  2. On the Transaction Data Entry form, click 
  3. Enter reversal information and then click OK.

Related Configuration Flags

Enables Payment Batch options. The Payables Summary shows all invoices that are not paid in full and has an additional column of check boxes to select invoices for payment. Additionally, two hyperlinks, Assign Batch No. and Clear Batch No., are added to the top of the list. After a Batch Number is assigned, the Payment Batch form opens.

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