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IMOS - Reporting from Lists and Datasets

The Bunker Requirements List and Bunker Purchase List include a large amount of data for reporting.

  • To create a report of the columns displayed in one of the lists, click
  • Information for both lists is also provided in reporting datasets, available in the Report List.

You can create a variety of reports from these datasets.

Bunker Forecast Reports

Bunker Forecast Reports show future ports, estimated arrival dates, projected arrival bunkers, and low bunker warnings for all voyages scheduled in IMOS. Using the Vessel Position Report dataset, you can create a variety of reports with this information. For example, if a Bunker Department assigns responsibilities based on Voyage Region, Bunker Forecast Reports can be grouped by Voyage Region and sorted by Estimated Arrival Date, so each Bunker Manager can look ahead and see when and where bunkers will be required. The Vessel Position Report dataset includes the following fields that can be useful in creating Bunker Forecast Reports:

  • Bunker Warning: Which, if any, fuel types are low on arrival, based on configured vessel safety margins
  • ETA
  • Port
  • Vessel Name
  • Voyage Number
  • Arrival ROB: Arrival bunkers of all fuel types for the vessel
  • Bunker Requirement ID: The ID of any requirement already entered for that port
  • Bunker Request Quantity: The quantity per fuel type requested for that port
  • ETD
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