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IMOS - Revisions Panel

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Revisions are updates to forms made by end users or the Messaging Service.

You can view Revisions in:

Revisions indicate:

  • The date and time of the update.
  • Which IMOS user made the update.
  • If an update is from a Bulk Cargo Update.
  • For Cargo and VC In forms, if an update is imported via the Messaging Service. In that case, it must be acknowledged.

In the Revisions panel, click 

 to select one of the following menu options:

  • Show Tasks & Alerts: View the Tasks & Alerts or Alerts panel, if it is available. To return to the Revisions panel, click Show Revisions.
  • Revision History: View the same information in a list; it is a standard IMOS list, so you can sort it, filter it, do a Quick Search, and create custom Views for it.
  • Refresh: Refresh the information in the Revisions panel.

Expanding or Collapsing the Panel

To expand 

 or collapse 
 the panel, click the double arrow.

  • Panel collapsed:
  • Panel expanded:

Acknowledging Revisions

For Cargo and VC In forms, if an update is imported via the Messaging Service, it must be acknowledged.

  • Unacknowledged revisions are highlighted. To acknowledge all highlighted revisions:
    • The Acknowledge Cargo Revisions Module Right must be selected in Security, under Chartering.
    • Click 
       and then click Acknowledge Revisions.
  • When a Cargo or VC In has at least one unacknowledged revision:
    • In the Cargo List and VC In List:
      • A warning triangle appears on the list tab when it is docked; to view the number of records affected, hover over the triangle.
      • The row of the Cargo or VC In is highlighted, and its Un-ackRev column contains Y.
    • In the Voyage Manager Cargo List (enabled with configuration flag CFGEnableVoyManagerCargoList), the row of the Cargo or VC In is highlighted.

Related Configuration Flags

Adds Cargo and Cargo Handling tabs to the Voyage Manager. The Cargo tab is similar to the Cargo List, but only includes cargoes associated with the voyage. The Cargo Handling tab is similar to the Cargo Handling form; it includes a list of all cargoes associated with the voyage, with a line for each load and discharge. Lines highlighted in yellow indicate transshipment cargoes, while lines highlighted in blue indicate interservice cargoes.

If a Cargo or VC In has at least one unacknowledged revision, its row is highlighted in the Cargo List.

CFGEnableDetailedRevisionListUses the expandable 'Detailed Revisions List', with a separate entry for each change, currently only in the Voyage Manager (other locations will still use the default Revisions List).
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