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IMOS - Row Details

In a Cargo Matching program, to add details that pop up for a row, click Row Details in the Columns pane. Then either drag fields into the pane or select their check boxes, just like selecting columns.

Previewing and Viewing Row Details

Row Details pop up for the selected row: 

  • In Design Mode, to preview the Row Details, click a row.
  • In Report View Mode, to view Row Details, right-click a row and click Row Details.

Editable User-Defined Fields

When designing User-Defined Fields in Row Details, you can enable users to edit the values:

  1. Click the field name in the Row Details section. Its properties appear in the Properties section.
  2. Select the Editable check box. Rather than just the field,

    Row Details include a field in which a value can be added or edited.
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