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IMOS - Time Charter Billing Schedule

On the TC Billing Schedule, you can quickly see the status of bills for hired vessels. To open the TC Billing Schedule, do one of the following:

  • On the IMOS7 menu, hover over Tools and then click TC Billing Schedule.
  • In the Operations module center
    , under Time Charter Out, click TC Billing Schedule.

For each contract, a relevant timeline appears as consecutive bars per payment period. Each bar is colored according to the corresponding payment's status:

  • Blue = Processed
  • Red = Due
  • Green = Planned

When you rest your mouse pointer over a bar, a tooltip tells you the Invoice Number (if the bill has been settled or processed), the Billing Period, and the ID and date of the Time Charter Fixture.

  • To open a bill, double-click the bar.
  • To create an invoice, right-click to use the context menu.
  • To open the Hire Statement or the Time Charter, right-click to use the context menu.

For more information on schedules, see Schedules and the Schedules tutorial.

Approving or Rejecting Invoices

To review an invoice for approval (if you have rights), do one of the following:

  • Right-click an Actual invoice and select Approve Invoice.
  • Open the invoice for viewing.

In the invoice, do one of the following:

  • Click 
     and then enter a Comment, if required.
  • Click 
     and then enter a Comment, if required. The Transaction Data Entry form or Journal Entry form opens, so you can post immediately.
  • Click 
     and then enter a Comment that tells the reason for the rejection.
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