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IMOS - Time Charter Commissions

On a Time Charter, you can view and create Time Charter Commission Payments.

TC Commission Payment

The TC Commission Payment form lists Time Charter Commission Invoices.

Do one of the following:

  • On the Time Charter In or Time Charter Out, click 
  • On the Voyage Manager, click 
     and then click TC In Commission or TC Out Commission.
  • In the Operations module center 
    , under Time Charter In or Time Charter Out, click Commissions.

  • To view a Time Charter Commission Payment, select a Vessel from the selection list.
  • To create a new Time Charter Commission Payment, click 

Time Charter Commission Payment

The Time Charter Commission Payment form is used to enter details from an invoice received from a broker for a Time Charter In payment. It verifies that the information is correct and consistent with the commission structure established in the Time Charter Manager and allows you to record payment.

On the TC Commission Payment, click 


  • Any existing payments appear.
  • Select the check box on each detail line to pay those commissions.
    • To select or clear all lines, use the buttons at the bottom of the list.
    • You can issue a By Period payment after a regular Commission Payment.

Related Configuration Flags
Default TC Comm Payment Method

Sets a default Payment Method for brokers.

Auto Generate TC Comms

Note: CFGAutoNumberPayables must also be enabled.

When enabled, TC Commission invoices will automatically be created when the corresponding TC Hire invoice has been posted.

Auto Number Payables
Automatically assigns invoice numbers to AP invoices.
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