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IMOS - Trading Filter

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You can create different Trading Filters to apply to the Trading P&L Summary, Trade Details List, and Portfolio Report form.

In the Trading module center 

, under Data, click Trading Filter.

Each filter has the option to filter according to Vessel TypeTrade Area, Contract Type, Company, Strategy, and LOB. You can select several options in a single Filter.

Displaying Physical and Paper Trades as Offsetting

A common use of Trading Filters is to display Physical and Paper Trades as offsetting one another. To do so, create a Trading Filter and then apply it to the Trading P&L Summary.

1. Create the Trading Filter

  1. Create a new Trading Filter with a Filter Name (for example, FFA VS. CARGO).
  2. Ignore the Vessel Type check boxes.
  3. To include only specific Trade Areas, select one or more Trade Area check boxes.
  4. In the Contract Type list, select only the Cargo and FFA check boxes.
  5. To include only specific Companies, select one or more Company check boxes.
  6. To include only specific Strategies, select one or more Strategy check boxes.
  7. Save and close the Trading Filter.

2. Configure the Trading P&L Summary

  1. Open the Trading P&L Summary.
  2. Next to Show, select Exposure Tons and Exposure Days.
  3. Next to Filter, select your Trading Filter.
  4. Click 

Trading Filter List

All Trading Filters appear on the Trading Filter List. In the Trading module center 

, next to Trading Filter, click List.

The Trading Filter List is a standard IMOS list, so you can sort it, filter it, do a Quick Search, and create custom Views for it.

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