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IMOS - User Licenses

View IMOS Documentation in the Help Center.

IMOS License Types

Veson Nautical offers two primary types of user license. Each type offers its own advantages:

  • Read-Only License
    • User can individually log into IMOS.
    • User can access IMOS forms and lists (based on security permissions) but not update.
    • User can run and receive IMOS Reports, including built-in, list, and custom reports.
  • Full-Access (Read and Write) License
    • User can individually log into IMOS.
    • User can access and update IMOS forms and lists.
    • User can run and receive IMOS Reports, including built-in, list, and custom reports.
    • User can create new IMOS Reports.

Named User License Limits

IMOS Licenses are a named user license; each IMOS license should be attributed to one individual user. To confirm your current IMOS User License Limit:

  1. Log into the IMOS Shell.
  2. On the IMOS7 menu, click About Veson Nautical IMOS.
  3. Review the License Limit.

Requesting a New User License

Refer to your SLA for any specific details about requesting a new user license, such as license cost, etc.

To request a new user license, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a Licensing Request via the Help Center:

  2. Please include the following details:
    • Company Name
    • Number and type of licenses you are requesting (for example, two Full-Access Licenses)
    • What you believe your new total license count should be, including the new licenses
  3. Veson Nautical Support will reply with a Statement of Work (SOW) for the new licenses.
  4. Sign the SOW and return it to Veson Nautical Support via the same support case.
  5. Veson Nautical Support will send out a new license file with the increased user count via the Client Center.
  6. Follow the instructions provided in the License email to install your new license.
  7. With the license installed, you can create new users.

Renewing an IMOS License

IMOS licenses must be renewed yearly. To renew your IMOS license, send a request via the Help Center.

Installing a New License

After a renewal is requested, a new license file is placed in the Client Center for you to download.

  1. Log into the Client Center and click the Downloads tab. In the Downloads List, find the file with Type License.
  2. Click the file download link to download the License file. 
  3. Copy the license file password from the Instructions column.
  4. Extract the file to imos\services\config and paste the password when prompted.
  5. Overwrite the existing imosLicense.xml file.
  6. Restart the IMOS Messaging Service.
  7. To confirm that the installation was successful, verify the user count and expiration date from the About Veson Nautical IMOS form.
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