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IMOS - Vendor Statements

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The Vendor Statement report is an IMOS built-in Financials reportThese reports are IMOS built-in reports. Their output format has been formatted by Veson Nautical. These reports only work if you are posting IMOS invoices to the financial ledger. If your company does not post transactions, you will be unable to use these reports. If you want to create a custom report, use the Report Designer.

This report includes all transactions for the selected company that have a counterparty specified (Vendor Name field), or all counterparties if left blank. Selecting a date range filters transactions by the accounting date. The report can include either a summary or detailed version of the report where transactions are grouped by the counterparty, with beginning balance and all debits/credits for that counterparty within the specified date range. The detailed version, run when the Invoice Details check box is selected, shows line items for each transaction. Each transaction has a link to open the Transaction Data Entry form for more details.

Report Options

FieldMandatory/OptionalDescriptionUse When?
Major CompanyMandatoryAn IMOS W-type company from the Address Book; this field will determine which transactions are included in the report.Always.
Address CategoryOptionalA free-text field that must be the single-letter value matching an IMOS Counterparty-type (A for Agent, C for Charterer, M for Miscellaneous, etc.).When you want to run a report against all Vendors of a specific type.
Vendor NameOptionalA free-text field that must be a Vendor Short Name.When you want to run a report against a specific Vendor.
Date From and Date ToMandatoryThe date range to filter report details based on transaction accounting date.Always use to specify the reporting period.
Invoice DetailsOptional
  • Not Selected: Report summarizes all information per vendor.
  • Selected: Report breaks down each vendor section per invoice and transaction line.
When you want a more detailed breakdown in the report.
For ApprovalOptionalSelect to include transactions for approval.
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