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IMOS - Voyage P&L Variance Tolerance

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Voyage P&L Variance Tolerance, used with the IMOS Voyage P&L Drilldown dataset, helps in measuring and benchmarking financial performance.

In the Financials module center

, under Setup, click Voyage P&L Variance Tolerance.

Voyage P&L Variance Tolerance can be sorted in the Default order (order of appearance in the Voyage P&L), or by Category, and you can search for a Category.

Setting the P&L Variance Tolerance

Select a Company, and then set the tolerance value for each Category (a line item on the Voyage Manager P&L). You can also enter a currency amount above which a P&L change will cause a warning to appear.

If the variance percentage is greater than that specified, it will appear on the report.

Working with P&L Reports

The Voyage P&L Drilldown dataset contains all the drill-down categories from the P&L tab of the Voyage Manager. You can group report results according to the Rev/Exp column, and get a clear view of Estimated/Actual/Posted values, as well as the corresponding variance percentages.

In the Report Editor Parameters section, for the Show Items parameter, you can filter according to one of the following:

  • (Act-Est%) over company tolerance

  • (Act-Pst%) over company tolerance

  • (Act-Est%) or (Act-Pst%) over company tolerance

If a Category's variance is lower than the corresponding value set on the Voyage P&L Variance Tolerance form, the Category is filtered out of the report.

The P&L Variance Tolerance alerts will only appear when changes are made on the Voyage Manager screen (e.g. in the Itinerary grid or Cargoes grid).

Changes made outside the Voyage Manager or in forms that are linked in the Voyage Manager will not trigger the Variance Tolerance warning. 

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