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Reporting an Issue

Veson Support will respond to support issues submitted through the Help Center. If a ticket requires escalation, Veson Nautical uses Atlassian Jira Service Desk as an issue tracking platform. During your implementation, our Project and Support Team personnel will provide introductory training on how to best interact through this issue-tracking platform.

Creating an Efficient Ticket

Be clear, concise, and precise

A critical stage in a ticket is its initial description so that our support team has a sufficient understanding of the issue at hand, thus eliminating the need for further interrogation or web meetings.

Providing reproduction steps with actual and expected experiences will expedite our support team’s investigation by illustrating the exact issue. This information can help us quickly determine the appropriate next steps.

Below outlines the suggested criteria and details to consider when submitting a ticket. Providing this during initial creation will reduce the overall resolution time substantially.

  • Category: Support Inquiry, Defect, or Suggestion Issue Categorization & Priority

  • Priority: Carefully select from the available priority options, read more about priority definitions and expected resolution times at Issue Categorization & Priority

  • Prod/Test: Production issues typically are higher impact than test

  • Version/Product: Specify the product you experience the issue on

  • Business Impact: For Critical/High Priority issues, briefly describe the impact to the company’s operations

  • Frequency: How often does the issue occur? Does it occur across multiple scenarios? How many users does it affect?

  • Current Result: Briefly describe the issue and what the current result is.

  • Steps to Reproduce: Include the vessel/voyage, if possible, and a step-by-step list of how to reproduce the problem from your perspective.

  • Expected Result: In addition to steps to reproduce, how do you expect the product to behave?

    • Screenshots: The preferred method for sharing screenshots is to attach or copy/paste images into the Help Center. Another method is to send a Microsoft Word or Excel document explaining the steps to reproduce the issue.

    • Special Instructions: Add any extra detail regarding the reported issue. Also, include any previous correspondence or discussions with another Veson Nautical employee (such as a consultant).


Providing clear screenshots and recordings can be as valuable as the initial ticket description itself. When attaching documentation, such as Excel or Word files, ensure that the documentation is organized and easy to understand.

Avoid sharing attached e-mail threads and instead summarize these conversations by highlighting key points.

Tips for Decreasing Resolution Time

Replying to the ticket

Clients can respond by logging into the portal directly or by replying to the latest email notification received from Veson Support.

Handling a change in priority

By correctly establishing the urgency of an issue during the initial submission, Veson Support will ensure prompt resolution.

If priority can be modified to do an existing solution, Veson Support will provide these workarounds and discuss a change in priority.

In the event that the severity of an existing issue increases, we understand this and want to prioritize accordingly. To enhance the speed of this process, we ask that clients provide clear and concise business reasoning for the change in situation and include this information when replying to the existing ticket.

Responding to time-sensitive tickets

Veson Support monitors further responses to tickets for all priorities. For higher-priority issues, we anticipate continuous communication to make quick progress. Lengthy gaps in correspondence may imply that priority has changed. In certain situations where no further correspondence has been received, our team will follow up to discuss lowering priority.

One ticket for each issue

We ask that our clients limit each ticket to one issue rather than combining multiple non-related issues into one ticket.

Refrain from reopening and reusing old tickets that have been closed unless the provided solution does not fully resolve the matter or if the issue persists.

Escalation & Outage Process


For Priority 1 issues, we recommend the normal issue submission process is followed, including additional priority information to help us better handle your escalation. During non-business hours, after you submit your issue, we recommend calling our 24-hour Support Line and noting that you have submitted a critical issue. Our 24-hour Support Line will escalate your issue according to priority and provide direct phone access if necessary. If you call our regional offices, you will be routed through our automated escalation system. 24 Hour Support Line: +1.617.723.2727


Veson Nautical conducts routine maintenance typically on a monthly basis. During maintenance, the Veson IMOS platform may be temporarily unavailable. The schedule for routine maintenance is posted within our Knowledge Base for clients. To provide clients with real-time notifications and reporting on maintenance or outages, the Veson Statuspage is available. Users can subscribe to the Veson Statuspage for updates and select their preferred notification method from either email, text, or RSS feed. 

The Veson IMOS Platform's continuous release cycle allows for safe enhancements of the platform with limited interruption to the user base. Release Notes are posted in the Veson IMOS Platform Knowledge Base detailing defect correction, new features, or other client-impacting changes. To assist key users with major functionality enhancement awareness, the What’s New publication highlights the biggest impact features we recommend clients review to get the most out of their IMOS solution. Where applicable, Veson can leverage configuration settings to ensure that major new functionality is not enabled automatically. This allows the client to review the What’s New or Release Notes before they decide to enable a feature. 


Veson Scheduled Routine Maintenance

Veson Statuspage Instructions

Veson Statuspage

Veson Release Notes

Veson What's New

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