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IMOS - Boat Fuel Consumption Ratios Setup

On the Boat Fuel Consumption Ratios Setup form, you can specify fuel consumption information for boats of various horsepower ranges and pulling a given number of barges in Laden, Ballast, or Hotel (in-port) states.

On the Data Center menu 

, under Vessels, click Boat Fuel Consumption.

  • Laden and Ballast fuel consumption values do not refer to gallons per hour or any other specific rate of fuel consumption. Rather, they are expressed in ratios that relate the rates of fuel consumption in the states to each other. These ratios are used by the Bunker Interpolator to perform its interpolations.
  • This table combines in-port and in-transit consumption information into a single table. This is possible because, in inland barging, speed is not a useful factor for predicting fuel consumption.
  • This table is used for calculating boat fuel consumption; the fuel consumption table on the Boat form is not.
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