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IMOS - Delay Types

Delay Types terms are used on the Estimate Delays and Delay forms as Activities.

You can define other Delay Types to add more granularity in reporting and select them on the Delay Reasons form.

On the Data Center menu 

, under Delays and Weather, click Delay Types.


  • The Descriptions OFF HIREOFF HIRE REVERSE, WAITING, and PLANNED OFF HIRE must be entered in this exact format.

  • Normal Delay Types do not affect TCE; only PLANNED OFF HIRE does, with Performance Calculation Time Does Not Count.

  • Although you can add more delay types to the existing list, the descriptions OFF HIRE, OFF HIRE REVERSE, and PLANNED OFF HIRE are the only delay activity types that impact the P&L and TC contract.

Note: Test delay type does not appear in the Off Hire tab of TC contract.

Related Configuration Flags


Imports any applicable Delays when Port Activities are imported. Delays can also be manually selected in the Activities grid. For Delays imported or manually selected, the default value of the % column depends on the Laytime column value specified on the Delay Types form.

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