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IMOS - Freight/Relet Commissions

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For broker commissions not deducted from the Freight Invoice (specified at the cargo level), you can create a separate invoice. If a Broker in CP Terms Details is set to Partial (the P check box is selected), it is possible to issue a Commission Invoice based on a partial percentage. Like Freight Invoices, it is possible to issue several Commission Invoices, totaling 100%.

Freight/Relet Commission Summary

To open the Freight-Relet Commission Summary, do one of the following:

  • On the Voyage Manager, click Commission ▼ and then click Freight Commission.
  • On the Operations menu 
    , under Freight/Demurrage, click Commissions.

The Freight-Relet Commission Summary lists all existing Commission Payments for the voyage.

Commission Payment

To view an existing Commission Payment, on the Freight-Relet Commission Summary, right-click a line item and then click Details.

To create a new Commission Payment:

  1. On the Freight-Relet Commission Summary, click +.

  2. On the Commission Payment, select the Broker.
  3. Each possible payment appears, with the S check box selected. Clear check boxes for any detail lines you do not want to include.
  4. To issue an incremental invoice, for which the accounts are balanced each time based on what has already been paid, change the Invoice Type to Incremental. The most recent commission is shown, with all previously invoiced items deducted from the total.
  5. To filter the invoices shown in the grid, you can enter a full or partial value in the Invoice Number or Counterparty filters at the top right.
  6. Enter an Invoice Number and any Adjustment information; you can add a negative adjustment value, and you can create a Commission Payment with only Adjustments.
  7. Change the Status to Actual and then click 
    ; the invoice appears in Financials.
  8. To print an invoice, click Invoice.

Configuration flag CFGFreightCommBasedOnPaidAmount enables an alternate workflow.

Related Configuration Flags
Freight Comm Based on Paid Amount
  • Bases Freight and Demurrage Commission on the paid amount instead of the actual calculated amount.
  • Prompts to create Commission Invoices upon the payment of the invoice in the Transaction Data Entry, if the adjustments in the invoice are linked to the Cargo.
  • Adds a Deducted from Freight/Demurrage Payment check box to the Commission form. Select it to set the commission amount; the counterparty of the Commission Invoice is set to be the Charterer.
  • Adds a quick search Invoice(s) field below the Broker field to filter the values that appear in the Invoice(s) column in the grid below.
Use Invoice Exch in Actual

Freight Commission in the Actual column of the Voyage Profit and Loss will use the exchange rate from the invoice once it is created instead of always using the exchange rate from the freight contract.

Default Unactual

When enabled, the status of a newly created Bunker, Freight, Equipment, Hire, and Commission invoice is set to Pending by default.

Auto Generate Freight Comms

Note: Requires CFGAutoNumberPayables to also be enabled.

When enabled, freight commission invoices will automatically be created when the corresponding freight invoice has been posted.

Auto Number Payables

Automatically assigns an invoice number to AP invoices.

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