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IMOS - Rate Tables

The Rate Tables (or Scale Tables) have different table types:

The table headings have different meanings for each type.

Creating a New Standard Rate Table

  1. On the Data Center menu 
    , under Charter Party Terms
    click Rate Tables.
  2. Enter a Table ID.
  3. You are asked if you want to create a new table with this ID; click Yes.
  4. Select a Table Type and enter a Table Description.
  5. Enter at least one Rate and then click 
    . (Otherwise it appears that you are looking up a Rate Table, and the form is cleared.)

Related Configuration Flags
Enable Freight Matrix Creation

When enabled, Freight Matrix is available as a Table Type option when creating a new Rate Table.

Enable Extra Freight Rate Scale Table


When enabled, this configuration flag allows you to set up Scale Table type Rate Tables in the Data Center. You can then use these Rate Tables in the Advanced Pricing structure of Cargo/VC In COA and Cargo/VC In contracts under Extra Freight Terms. Additionally, Scale Table-based freight rates would then be included in both Voyage P&L calculations and related Freight Invoices.
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