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IMOS - Requirements and Recommendations

The Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) is a modern web application hosted by Veson Nautical. Therefore, it has the following minimal requirements.




The latest stable version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge for desktop


0.5 to 1 Mbps per concurrent user

Maximum file upload size

20 MB

Browser Support Policy

To provide our customers the most effective and secure online access to our products, we are continually upgrading our services. As we add new features and enhancements to our services, unsupported browsers or older versions may not support these new standards. Adopting or upgrading to a supported browser and version will enhance your security and experience on our product.

If you are not using a supported browser or version to interact with our product, please download or upgrade to a new browser or supported version. If you elect not to upgrade your browser, your experience may not be optimal or secure, or you may not be able to use certain tools in our product.

The following is our product's general browser support policy:

  • We make every effort to test and support the most recent versions of Chrome and Microsoft Edge for desktop.

  • We recommend that you use the latest stable version of Chrome.

  • We do not support the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari

  • We do not support the use of IMOS platform on mobile devices

Other browsers and browser versions may work with our products. We do not test other browsers for compatibility, and we do not accept incident reports related to browsers or browser versions that are not included in the list of supported browsers.

Additional Requirements for Onboard Vessel-Side Users




The latest stable version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge


0.5 to 1 Mbps per concurrent user

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is required to load and submit voyage forms

Existing Veson Nautical Client Migration

If your organization currently uses IMOS (installed or hosted), to migrate to the Veson IMOS Platform, you must upgrade to a minimum of IMOS v7.11. To learn more about migrating to the Veson IMOS Platform, contact Veson Nautical Support.

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