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IMOS - Vessel Schedule

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The Vessel Schedule provides an overview of your fleet's historical, current, and future voyages. You can select From and To Dates and other data filters in the Filters panel. For each vessel in the column on the left side, the Gantt chart on the right side shows the schedule information, color-coded by status, and either grouped by Company, with one line per vessel/company combination, or grouped by Vessel, with all voyage and TC contract bars on the same line.

To access the Vessel Schedule, do one of the following:

  • On the main menu 

    , under Operations, click Vessel Schedule.

  • In Operations quick links, click


On the Vessel Schedule, you can access the forms for a particular voyage, so you can manage the voyage from it.

  • As with any other schedule, you can filter data, sort and resize columns, set the timescale, and zoom in or out.
  • To see information about a voyage, rest your mouse pointer over its bar.

  • To open the Voyage Manager, click the bar for a voyage.

  • To open a Time Charter, click its shading.

  • Right-click a voyage or contract bar to access its details.

  • For information on customizing the text that appears on the bars, see Styling Gantt Bar Templates.

  • To amend the company, you must amend the company within the Properties - Voyage tab.

Related Configuration Flags



Vessel Schedule Small Bar Template

Set the data to display on Vessel Schedule Gantt bars and their tooltips.

Enable Forecast Voyage

Enables changing the Voyage Status to Forecast. Forecast voyages appear in MatchingScheduling, and the Vessel Schedule.

Default Forecast Voyage Status

When this and Enable Forecast Voyage configuration flags are enabled, initial Voyage Status is Forecast by default instead of Scheduled.

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