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Distance Calculator

Using the Distance Calculator in the top bar menu, you can easily calculate the distance between ports.

Opens image in full screen in a separate tab.


Distance Calculator under the top bar menu

A new tab will open in your browser, allowing you to add data in the fields. All fields are editable, and you can add more legs to calculate the distance and ETA.


Add/Edit data to calculate the distance, ETA between ports

You can choose and modify the root by expanding the option on the Map.

  • Set the Route Via:
    Panama Canal ...
    Suez Canal ...
    Magellan ...
    North of Scotland ...
    Sound (Baltic)

and many more Canals/ Capes/ Passages or Straits

  • Set Options from:

Anti-Piracy routing ...
ASL Compliance ...
Env/Nav/Reg Routing

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