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From/To Cleaning

The From/To Cleaning module gives you access to the Cleaning Proposals for all combinations of From/To cargo sequences. There are three separate cleaning proposals available for most commodity combinations.

Milbros Water White Cleaning Proposal:

The Milbros Water White Cleaning Proposals have been meticulously put together by our staff and super cargo consultants who have over 90 years of experience in the chemical tanker industry. Cleaning to a Water White standard is the standard cleaning requirement prior to loading chemical cargoes.

Milbros Cleaning Matrix Recommendations:

These recommendations were compiled from various industry standards and the experience of our staff and supercargo consultants for the cargo sequence selected. If no cleaning methods are available then the Clean to Water White Standard proposal should be used.

Energy Institute HM50 Cleaning Recommendations:
These recommendations are reproduced from the HM 50 Guidelines (2nd edition) for the cleaning of tanks and lines for marine tank vessels carrying petroleum and refined products.
They are reproduced on the web site with permission from Energy Institute, London.

3.1 Overview

From the home page click on the From/To Cleaning to access the module


3.2 Selecting the From/To cargo sequence

In order to lookup the cleaning proposals for the cargo sequence you are interested in; you have to select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ commodities using the two search boxes as the top of the page.


For each commodity:

  1. Enter the keywords to lookup the From commodity and click the ‘Search’ button to see the matching results

  1. Select the From commodity from the search results list for example as shown in below screenshot the Gas turbine fuel oil No. 1:


Use the above way to select for the To Commodity, as shown below for the commodity jet fuel jp-3:


When selected, the row will turn orange when selecting the ‘From’ commodity and green when selecting a To commodity.

  1. Click the ‘View Recommendation” button to see the cleaning recommendations for the selected From/To cargo sequence:

  1. Once the commodities have been selected you can change the selection option again by clicking on the commodity name in the Search field:


3.3 Swapping the From/To Cargo Sequence

If you want to swap the From/To cargo sequence then this can be easily done by clicking the ‘Swap’ image between the two selected commodity names as shown below:


3.4 Viewing the Cleaning Recommendations

To view the cleaning recommendations once you have selected the From and To commodity, click the ‘View Recommendations’ button:


The Cleaning Proposal page is now displayed:


3.5 Viewing/Emailing the Cleaning Proposal

To view or email the full cleaning report click the ‘Actions’ menu :


Note: The View Cleaning Report and Email functionality are only available to companies who are subscribing to Premium Subscription or a Standard Subscription with the e-mail/print or Booking List options. For more information please contact

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