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Port Call History

The Port Call History function gives you access to see all vessels that have called a specific port. It is accessible from two places.

You can either click the Load hyperlink under the Search Criteria section, or you can hover over the Open Port in the Search Results and click it. It can also be accessed with the keyboard shortcut H.

The Port Call History will automatically apply any restrictions you have set in the Search Criteria panel, including those set in the More Filters window. To clear all filters to see all vessels that have called the port, then click the ‘Clear Filters’ hyperlink below.

The Actions menu has three options:

  • Add Vessels to Position List: This will add the distinct list of vessels to your current Position List

  • Export to Excel (Last Port Call): Export the list of vessels in the window and the information from the last time the vessel called the port directly to Excel

  • Export to Excel (All Port Calls): Exports the list of vessels and all records for when the vessels called the port directly to Excel

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