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Position List for Principals

Position List for Principals, formerly Q88 Pro, is a standalone solution that gives you an unprecedented view of the marketplace from a single, central access point. It integrates data sources and software, so you see more. And it uses advanced analytics to deliver relevant, timely market insights so you see deeper.

Key Features

Fixtures Reporting

Add your own fixtures, and even integrate historical fixture data privately and with cut-and-paste ease to lessen input time.

Powerful Predictive Search

Combine AIS with your vessel open positions in one place to get a full view of tonnage and predict openings without interfering with any updated positions.

Data Visualization

Powerful map tool looks at current and historical vessel tracking, calculates ETA, and more.


Construct tonnage supply lists and intake analyses, including historical data, and track tonnage supply trends over time by based on geography and vessel.

Formats and Reporting

Easily configure custom export formats based on your demands without any third-party support needed.

Simple Sharing

Email directly from the platform and share your lists across the organization.

Competitive View

View your tonnage and other key data points alongside potential competitors and the market at large.

Emission Calculator

Estimate CO2 and EEOI on a ship-by-ship basis, based on open positions, estimated consumption, distance traveled, and other criteria.

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