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Q88 Dry - Email Offline Form

The Officer Matrix can be sent to the vessel for completion onboard. This is very useful if you have vessels that do not have broadband Internet access but you would like the vessel to manage the updates to the Officer Matrix.

You can email out the offline form via the EDIT Vessel option from the Fleet Overview page OR you can email the entire Fleet an offline form from the Actions Menu via the Fleet overview page.

Emailing the form will generate an email with the form attached with instructions for the Master on how to complete the file.

The offline form contains the instructions which the vessel needs to follow to complete the Officer Matrix. The image below shows part of the offline form.

The master can validate the data or be alerted if something is not correct. Also the master can generate a PDF file from the Excel file.

Notification: You can set up a notification to receive when an offline form is imported. An email is sent out each time a vessel submits an offline version of the Officer Matrix and it is uploaded successfully to the Officer Matrix module on Q88.

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