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Q88 Dry - Officer Management


The ‘Officer Management’ page gives you access to all the officers that have been entered into the Officer Matrix for your whole fleet. You can access this from the ‘Officer Matrix’ module by clicking the “Actions” button and selecting the ‘Manage Officers’ button.

This will allow you to view all of the officers that are currently onboard a vessel and also all of the officers that have ever been onboard your vessel(s).

The ‘View’ dropdown has four options:

  • All Officers: This is the list of all the officers

  • Officers onboard: Officers signed on a vessel

  • Officers Ashore: Officers not signed on a vessel

  • Possible Duplicates: List of officers who may have been entered as duplicates in the system.

A search box is available above the grid to search all the columns in the currently selected view for the keywords you enter.

Adding Officers

From the ‘Officers’ page, you also have the ability to add an officer to the system through the plus button.

Note: When adding officers, you can enter their current experience, which would be as of the date they last signed off a vessel. The ‘As of Today’ column with then only accrue their ‘Years with Operator’ experience.

Deleting Officers

Deleting an officer is not possible while the Officer is onboard a vessel. If they are currently ‘Ashore’ (i.e., not signed on a vessel) then the delete button is visible on the ‘Manage Officers’ page.

Note: If you need to delete an Officer who is currently onboard a vessel, then you will need to sign the Officer off the vessel from the Officer Matrix detail page before you can then delete them from the ‘Manage Officers’ page.

Merging Possible Duplicate Officers

Select the ‘Possible Duplicates’ view to see if there are any duplicate officers in the system.

The duplication normally occurs if vessels submit their Officer Matrix information using the offline form.

As Officers are performing tours on different vessels, their personal information may not be entered the exact same way in the Offline form each time. For this reason, the merge officers feature has been created.

The ‘Possible Duplicates’ view will list all the officers with the same “Last name” or same ‘Identification #.’

Once you select the ‘Possible Duplicates’ view a checkbox list is displayed to the left of the first column. You then tick the checkbox next to each of the duplicate officers.

Note: You can merge up to 5 duplicate officers simultaneously.

Once the duplicate officers have been selected, you then click the ‘Continue’ button shown above, and the below popup window is displayed where you select the Officer which you wish to keep once they are all merged into one record.

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