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Q88Dry-Request Vessel access

Sharing access to other operators’ vessels has always been a useful and valuable tool for users.

Accessing Request Vessel Access

You can find the tool from Account >Request Vessel Access.

Request Vessel Access


Alternatively, by navigating from the Account > Manage Vessels page, you can be redirected to the Request Access tool.

Request Access to another vessel

To request access to another vessel, click the Request Access link, as shown in the following image:

Request Access to another vessel

From the new window, you can either Request access or review the pending requests from third parties.

Shared Access Request or Review

Request Access to another vessel(s) by typing their names or IMO numbers here and clicking Submit.

Request Access to another vessel

Pending Requests

To review all pending requests, click Pending Requests.

Review Pending Requests

From the next page, you can approve or decline the requests.

Modify access levels

If you approve the sharing access request, you must modify its access levels.

By clicking the All modules, you grant access to everything on an access level of Reviewer or Editor.

If you unclick the All modules, then you have several modules to determine access on.

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