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War Risk Zone Polygons DATA UPDATE

Updated war risk zone polygon set to include the latest JWC updates.

  • Reflects updates released on 18th December 2023 under JWLA-032

  • Updated data available for use in VV Mapping & Alerts


Small Tanker Product Enhancement UPDATE

Updates to classification, values, fixed age and DCF for the small tanker sector by reviewing and creating new ship types, a new matrix page, enhancing S&P and NB information, reconfiguring DCF and aligning fixed age values closer to industry standards.

  • View new ship types in fleet, deals search, on the stats page and throughout the platform

  • Compare the new matrix values displayed on the matrix page, aligning with industry standard specifications

  • Interact with the reconfigured DCF earnings applied to the most appropriate ship types available on the DCF page

  • Explore new S&P and NB information available under deals search or comparable sales



View estimated EEDI/EEXI ratings for the vessels in the global LNG fleet.

  • Updated methodology for LNG EEDI/EEXI takes into account the propulsion type of the individual vessels.


Operator and Commercial Controller Logic Update UPDATE

The logic used to determine the Operator and Commercial Controller management tiers for the individual vessels was updated to bring the data more in line with real world vessel operation practices.

  • The updated logic uses the charters and the charter extension data to a fuller extent.

General Arrangement Plans NEW FEATURE

General Arrangement Plans are now available to download in vessel details. A useful technical drawing shared by the shipowner for assessing vessels of interest for sale or chartering.

  • Downloadable under vessel details as PDFs


Battery Pack and Additional Fuel Information UPDATE

Vessel specific battery pack data and individual fuel types now searchable by battery pack model, power, operation mode, manufacturer and fuel type used.

  • View battery pack data under vessel details

  • View fuel types under deals and fleet search


Added in New Ship Type - Panamax BC (MPP) and Supramax BC (Ultra MPP) UPDATE

Creation of new ship types enabling the MPP/woodpulp type to be captured and made individual to their carrying capabilities.

  • View the ship types under fleet and deals search

  • View the ship types on the individual vessel page


Customisable Fields on Valuation Certificates NEW FEATURE

Valuation Certificates can now be issued in the name of a third party company.

  • Edit the Name, Organisation and Company Address

  • Available for Vessel Valuation certificate types

  • No additional cost




Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) are now available to view on VV Mapping & Fleet Database.

  • All official zones from the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) added

  • View and search for Vessels within a zone

  • Automatically added to all Mapping subscriptions

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