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Updated and improved our proprietary set of Marine Protected Area polygons.

  • Includes 26 country sets made up of 9345 individual polygons

  • Updated data available for us in VV Mapping and Alerts


Ultimate Beneficial Owners NEW FEATURE

Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) are now available to view in vessel management in addition to our existing seven tiers of ownership.

  • View the Company or Individual that controls 25% or more of the use and/or title of a Vessel

  • See the full current hierarchical management structure of a vessel

  • No additional cost



Matrix Tooltip NEW FEATURE

Matrix vessels are intended to represent the industry standard in terms of size and features, and as such these can change over time. To show any changes to specifications and the influence on values we have added a tooltip to the matrix allowing you to view the key specifications behind each value. Just hover over the value to see the specifications.

Addition of New Ship Type VLAC UPDATE

Creation of new ship type Very Large Ammonia Carrier which are designed to carry ammonia up to 98% of their max capacity.

  • View the VLAC ships on the individual vessel page

  • View the VLAC ship type under fleet and deals search

Q88 Data Integration UPDATE

Information from Q88 was used to increase coverage in the vessel particulars data for Tankers.

  • Over 22,000 data points populated across 33 data fields

  • Coverage increased for both general characteristics and Tanker specific features

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