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How often is your database updated?

Our database is updated daily, with any new information being checked and validated before going live.

How do I see the latest transactions in a sector?

You can search for all the latest transactions in a sector via our “Deals Database” module. Search using a multitude of parameters including ship types, ownership and features.

How can I see the definitions of the different ownership types?

On a vessel page, select the “Vessel Details” tab and select the “Management” sub tab. Here, you will be able to see the current and historical ownership. By clicking the red ‘i’ next to the ownership type in the right-hand box, you will be able to see a definition of each ownership type.

How many vessels are on order in a certain sector?

The “Orderbook” tool allows users to view all vessels currently on order by ship type. This can be found under the “Database” dropdown. If you are a subscriber of the “Deals Database”, the “Orderbook” will already be available to you.

Can I “Sort” a list of vessels into a different order?

Yes, any list of vessels can be sorted by the table columns. Simply click the header of the column to reorder the list.

Why are some ships not linked to an owner?

On the rare occasion that we have not been able to pick up a change in ownership or a transaction, the vessel will stay under the original ownership until our Analysts can verify the change is confirmed.

Where can I see a summary of the vessels and sales database?

The stats page shows a summary of all vessel types in the fleet database, including size and value summary, sales summary, company, ownership and sales analysis.

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