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What services does VesselsValue provide?

What services does VesselsValue provide?

We provide data and analytics including automated values, technical and commercial databases, mapping and tracking, and trade/AIS information via the website, reports, and APIs. All clients receive a dedicated Account Manager to support every aspect of your subscription. For a full list of our available services and features please visit our product pages.

What assets does VesselsValue cover?

We have over 130,000 vessels in our database and provide values for over 70,000. Values are calculated for the following sectors Bulker, Tanker, Container, LNG, LPG, Small Dry, Small Tanker, Vehicle Carrier, RoRo, Reefer, MODU, OCV, OSV, Ferry, Cruise. You can also purchase bespoke Market Valuations for smaller and more niche sectors such as FSRU’s, Heavy Lift Semi Submersibles and Ferries.

Where does VesselsValue find its data?

Our in house team of analysts, researchers and brokers constantly collect, check and validate information from a vast number of different sources including shipyards, news publications, brokers, financiers, charterers, owners, insurers, agents, governmental bodies, clients and market participants. Once new information has been collected, it is verified and then updated in the databases which power our models.

Where and how is data stored?

Our data is stored off site at two of the top UK based data centres, used by major corporations and price comparison websites. All data is mirrored across three separate UK based servers.

How much does VesselsValue cost?

For a full list of our prices including reports, APIs and online subscriptions please visit our pricing page.

How can I access VesselsValue data?

Our data can be accessed in a number of ways including: subscriptions to our online platform, automated reports, bespoke reports, Market Valuation Certificates, API feeds, exports, and through the VesselsValue App.

Can people see what information I am looking at?

No they can’t. When you login in to the VesselsValue platform what you look at is confidential and other users cannot see what data, vessels or companies you have been looking at.

Can I swap one user for another?

Yes, please contact your Account Manager to advise of changes to the user license and we will organise this change for you.

Can I export from the VesselsValue platform?

Data can be exported from the platform into .CSV or .XLSX formats if you subscribe to our “Export” product. This includes being able to export valuations, vessel specifications, database searches, transaction data and much more. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

How do I reset my password and Two Factor Authentication?

If you are logged out platform of our platform, you can select the “forgot password?” option under the form on our login page.

If you are already logged in to our platform, go to the Account dropdown image-20240513-111953.png in the navigation, select “Account Settings” from the list and then change your password.

If you need to update the details on your Two Factor Authentication, our step-by-step guide can be found here.

How do I add vessels to a Portfolio?

Under the Account dropdown image-20240513-111953.png in the navigation, select “Portfolios” from the list. Select “create portfolio” from within the Portfolios tab. Once created, you will be taken to your new portfolio. Now you can use the search bar to type the vessel name or companies you’re interested in. When you find the relevant entity, simply click ‘Add’ image-20240513-112312.png and they will be added to your portfolio.

How does VV classify different subsectors of a vessel type?

If you have a subscription to our platform, under the ‘Value’ dropdown, you can view our Stats page. This page outlines how VV classifies various vessel types and vessel subtypes in our database.

Where can I find a vessel’s ownership structure?

An overview of vessel ownership details is available for clients that subscribe to any “Market Value” or “Fleet Database” subscription. Additionally, our full 7-tier ownership details can be found in the “Vessels Details” tab under “Management”.

Can other users in my company view my Portfolios?

If you have a subscription to our platform, yes, you can share your Portfolios with other VV users in your company. To do so, select “Share” at the top of the Portfolio page.

*Please note that only the creator can edit the vessels within the Portfolio.

How do I compare multiple vessels side-by-side?

Clients with a subscription to our “Fleet Database” product can view vessels side by side. Once you have the results from your search, select the vessels using the tick boxes and select “Compare” button at the bottom of the table.

What is

“Appy” is another way for you to request your VV subscription data via email. Send an email to “” with the IMO, vessel or company name in the subject line and you will receive an email back with the data from your subscription.

For additional access to VV Market Values, download the VV App.

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