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FAQ - Why are TCTO voyages not included in the notifications for DA-Desk?

The reason being the fact that in OVTO/TCTO, the Operating Company is not the one to appoint nor nominate agents. Under exceptions, they need to have their own protective agent (who they pay on their account) therefore, they can add these ops types in the notifications.

In other words in OVTO & TCTO the Operating (W) Company is not involved in the voyage operations, therefore they don't need to appoint agents.

Configuration flag CFGOprTypesForPortschinfoDA controls the operation types to be included for DA-Desk notifications. The default flag values are TCOV& OVOV.

To include other operation types, user needs to add them to the Value field.

Once the above field has been changed, the messaging service for the client needs to be restarted for the changes to apply.

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